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Russ's Story

I recently left the British Army after 24 years of service as a Sergeant Major and worked in a number of environments including Bomb Disposal, Special Intelligence and Airborne units. When my contract ended I decided that it is time to move on to newer things and started a new career in the banking sector. ​

As a teen I did Karate for 6 years which I tried to continue during my time in the Army however, due to injuries and work commitments this was difficult to achieve.

During my final job in the Army we were taught some self-defence, which was very similar to Krav Maga. After leaving the Army I made the decision to take up a martial art that doesn’t require as much flexibility as Karate and a more realistic type of self-defence. As I had heard of Krav Maga previously, I decided to google Krav Maga Luton where Matt's club was listed.

I started training in January 2018 and have been practicing ever since. I believe that the club is very inclusive. I remember my first training session, there was no awkwardness, people were very welcoming which is what I believe a club should be. It’s not about egos at KMCA or about who is better. It really is an inclusive club and is all about the students. It is not a commercialised club either, like many others, the identity of the club very much comes from the members. I cannot pinpoint exactly what it was that made me stay at the club, it’s just that feeling of a welcoming environment with no drama and politics. You come, you train you have a laugh, have a chat. It’s a chilled environment. 

Matt is a very transparent and honest guy. A lot of the stuff I learn from him resonates with me from my time in the army. Having been very active for 24 years, Krav Maga is the perfect hobby to keep me fit.

Everybody comes for different reasons, adrenaline, developing confidence, improving mental health, Matt’s club allows this all to happen. No matter how good you and advanced you are, you will always get something out of the lesson. People come back and that is testament to the club and Matt.

There is something about the club that attracts the right people and detracts the wrong people. It’s a family and there is no pressure. Matt is someone who is passionate and wants to develop people.

For me, personally it’s that military edge, the fitness training that keeps me going. A massive bonus are the self defence aspect and some way to release and de-stress.

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