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Sunita's Story

I am a Paediatric Dietitian without previous martial arts experience. I started at the club back in 2018. Planning a 7 month sabbatical to travel and discover Asia on my own, I decided to take up self defence to feel more confident and safer through my travels. Never having had any sort of self defence or martial arts lessons, I did some research, found KMCA online and signed up for a trial lesson at the club. 

Being one of the only girls when I started at the club, seemed daunting at first, however everyone is  welcoming, it's a big family really.

What we do in class was really out of my comfort zone to start with, however I had made my mind up and I needed to see my training through. After a couple of weeks I already started feeling much more confident in class and everyone was really helpful. I really took to Krav Maga and 6 month later I past my first grading. 

A year on, now a Practitioner Level 2 in Krav Maga, I can honestly say that Krav Maga has helped increase my confidence, heightened my awareness and significantly improved my fitness levels. My reaction to being in uncomfortable situations is also changing so I can be effective in defending myself if required. I’m being trained to push through exhaustion with the ‘drills’ we do. Club members are friendly, encouraging, supportive and always ready to help one another. KMCA is a great place to learn self-defence!

As I am backpacking, the team also volunteered to offer some extra training, involving backpacks and specific scenarios that I could find myself in when travelling, which was very useful and I feel ready for my trip now!


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