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Krav Cadets

"It's not what you do for your children but what you teach them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings."


Our Krav Cadets self defence classes are designed to be easy to learn and retain. Instructors are DBS checked, trained and qualified specifically to teach children. We use age-appropriate material to build competence and confidence in self defence, Krav Maga style. Children face different challenges to those of adults, may this be on the street, school or on the playground, verbal or physical. 

We aim to bully-proof your children to boost their confidence; confident children rarely get picked on. They will learn to de-escalate verbal conflict, increase their situational awareness to avoid conflict in the first place but also self defence techniques to escape common threats that they might have to face. These include but are not limited to hand and wrist grabs, dealing with falls as well as dealing with chokes and bear hugs. Our principles of "run and tell" are very much emphasised, but as we all know, this is not always possible.


We give your children the tools to defend themselves, however, how and when these are used, is very much up to you as a parent. Self discipline and respect for others is at the heart of everything we teach. Our classes are fun and energetic and your children will make new friends whilst they feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement and will never feel intimidated or vulnerable.


Training your children in Krav Maga reduces the chances of ever having to have that painful conversation of bullying, but if it did happen, wouldn't it be great to know that they are able to deal with it?

Whilst we teach age appropriate techniques, your children will improve in strenght and fitness and will progessively be prepared for the world that awaits them in teen and adult life. 



Maria, mother of a Krav Cadets student

"Laura and Ash,

I think you have really well balanced classes with the mix between combat exercises and play just right.

We are having a hard time getting Felix to move and exercise and to see him bright red and sweating, whilst enjoying himself!!! It's fantastic.

It's also really good for him to have to line up and wait to do the exercises as he has quite serious concentration issues.

Felix really thrives on praise so constructive criticism and instructions to do better, followed by praise when he gets it right, makes his day. (This is something I think you do well).

We are really happy to have found you for our son as he gets an hour of physical activity, and loves it!

As well as building his confidence, you get him moving and us parents feel happy he's getting the tools to stand up for himself. Thank you!"

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