Krav Kids

"The legs of a child are stronger than the balls of Muhamed Ali."

Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga 

Maria, mother of a Krav Kids student

"Laura and Ash,

I think you have really well balanced classes with the mix between combat exercises and play just right.

We are having a hard time getting Felix to move and exercise and to see him bright red and sweating, whilst enjoying himself!!! It's fantastic.

It's also really good for him to have to line up and wait to do the exercises as he has quite serious concentration issues.

Felix really thrives on praise so constructive criticism and instructions to do better, followed by praise when he gets it right, makes his day. (This is something I think you do well).

We are really happy to have found you for our son as he gets an hour of physical activity, and loves it!

As well as building his confidence, you get him moving and us parents feel happy he's getting the tools to stand up for himself. Thank you!"

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