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Meet our team

Matt ~ Chief Instructor & Founder

In his twenties, Matt worked the door at pubs and clubs in the home counties and London, where he gained experience of de-escalating confrontations and dealing with violent situations.

Unlike the conventional “bouncer” image, his preference has always been to calm down an ugly situation and for confrontations to end with no conflict or injuries to anyone. He went on to work in other areas of security including close protection.

Recognising that there are situations where physical confrontation cannot be avoided, and that his skills in this area could be improved, Matt started studying Krav Maga in  2011.

In 2014  Matt started his journey to become a civilian Krav Maga instructor and undertook 80 days of instructor training with ex members of the special forces, including 23 days with the former Captain responsible for Krav Maga training in the Israel Defence Force and Head instructor of the Lotar counter terror school.  

Matt went on to study the Yamam “special ops” version of Krav Maga qualifying under the world renowned Itay Gil. He is now a level 6 Krav Maga Instructor and may be the only instructor qualified under 3 separate international Krav Maga organisations, as he is an IKF close quarter battle instructor and also holds instructor certification with Protect Israeli Security Systems under Itay Gil, and with Combat Krav Maga International, headed by Lior Offenbach.  

​Matt holds Level 3 BTEC qualifications in Self Defence Instruction and Conflict Management and has completed training in Close Protection, Situational Awareness and Physical Intervention under SAS legends Ginge Johnson and Lofty Wiseman.  He was also involved in teaching military and special forces, which included teaching the worlds largest Krav Maga class in South Africa, consisting of 600 soldiers and police officers.

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Ash ~  Level 2 Instructor and Level 3 Graduate

Ash served in the British Army as an infantry “badged” sniper. During this time he was actively involved in the mentoring of domestic & foreign forces in conflict management, escalation & deescalation of threat, public order and personal preservation and protection. After leaving the Army he was looking for a new challenge and took up Krav Maga, where he progressed to earn his G3 grade before qualifying as a level 3 and IKF-CQB Krav Maga instructor. Ash brings a wealth of experience to the team, with a background in boxing and MMA.

David ~ Level 1 Instructor and Level 1 Graduate

David had previously studied traditional martial arts prior to taking up Krav Maga. He recently lost his cherished title of “oldest club member” by just a couple of months but is a good example of how the techniques can be applied later in life. David has taken a special interest in the training of a wheelchair bound student, and has helped develop the KMCA syllabus for the disabled. 

Laura ~ Level 2 Instructor and Level 3 Graduate 

Laura is a passionate devotee of Krav Maga and physical fitness. She takes every opportunity to further her skills as both, a practitioner and instructor of Krav Maga. Her enthusiasm and approachability, combined with a unique blend of empathy and no-nonsense approach brings out the best in younger students. As well as training regularly at the club and attending Krav Maga seminars she has completed an extensive two- week Krav Maga course in Israel, training under Avivit Cohen (5th Dan), Lea Dray (4th Dan) and Grand Master Uri Refaeli and completed her Level 1 Instructor course at Krav Maga Combat Academy. Laura also holds a level 3 BTEC qualification in self defence instruction. Laura is the KMCA Safeguarding Officer and can be reached on 07943 879 142 for any enquiries relating to the club and safeguarding queries.

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