“So that one may walk in peace”

Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga

Teens face challenges today which are different to any generation before; these challenges would be difficult for anyone – let alone a teenager who hasn’t figured out who they are yet. Their world is completely different to the one we grew up in, and we can’t rely on our own experiences to guide them effectively.

It is tempting not to think about the tough topics, but violence, especially knife attacks,  threats and mental health issues are all too real and common for many teenagers. At Krav Maga Combat Academy we are passionate about helping teens deal with and survive any threat or situation they may have to face.

Quite simply we believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves from physical harm and we strive to make it accessible to everyone, including children and teenagers.

Krav Maga is all about real life situation self-defence and dealing with verbal and physical threat and conflict. We cover any threat your teen might have to face and teach effective techniques, including knife and stick defences, rape defences, chokes and grabs. For when they simply haven’t got the option to run.


It has some very significant bonuses too:

  • Development of self-confidence and awareness

  • New friendships

  • Learning how to deal with bullies

  • Improved Fitness, stamina and strength

  • Improved mental focus and well-being

  • Self – discipline

  • Fun and sense of achievement

Self defence is an investment worth making. It will give your teens the confidence and tools needed to face the world they live in. Book your free trial now and meet other students and parents and see what we're all about. 

Anna, Student

"I walked into my first class here a few months back with no Krav Maga experience and now I am hooked! It's all thanks to this club which I really recommend to everyone who wants to learn self-defense, keep fit and build confidence within a vibrant community and surrounded by incredible and passionate people. Matt is an amazing instructor who really makes you feel at home and comfortable from day 1, and helps you progress at your own speed whilst making sure you give your best and push yourself to make the most of each class!"

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