"We will teach anyone and everyone who wants to learn."

Matt, founder of Krav Maga Combat Academy

You might find the  idea of walking into your first class with a room full of new people daunting, with us however, you don't need to worry. That feeling of anxiousness will be gone the minute you walk into our class, that's a promise; everyone is welcoming and friendly.  When you decide to give us a go, you have taken your first step towards a more confident and safer life. You will learn how to effectively and efficiently defend yourself against potential attacks and threats, these include but are not limited to knife and stick attacks, grabs and chokes as well as rape defences. Tell us about your fears, name the threat and we will teach you the defence. 

Other benefits of Krav Maga include

  • Development of confidence

  • Improved fitness level, stamina and strength

  • Increased situational awareness to avoid threats in the first place

  • Meet new people and be part of a great, family-feel, friendly club 

A lot of thought has been put into developing training techniques which are safe for students but still prepare them for real life situations.  Students of all abilities train together, so you have the opportunity to learn from others and in time, help others who are less experienced.

Most importantly, you will be encouraged to start slowly, and improve at your own pace. Your instructor will help you along with demonstrations, corrections and advice.  We all learn in different ways and at different speeds.

To get a better understanding of what is involved, we would really encourage you to book a taster session at any of the venues, or even just come and watch a session. View out class time table and book your free trial now.


Teens face challenges today which are different to any generation before; these challenges would be difficult for anyone – let alone a teenager who hasn’t figured out who they are yet.

Their world is completely different to the one we grew up in, and we can’t rely on our own experiences to guide them effectively.

It is tempting not to think about the tough topics, but violence, threats and mental health issues are all too real and common for many teenagers.


At Krav Maga Combat Academy we are passionate about helping teens deal with and survive any threat or situation they may have to face, whilst they learn valuable life skills in a fun and safe environment. View our class time table and book your free trial now. 



Krav Maga is ideal for developing self-discipline in a fun and safe way. It's an amazing way for children to make new friends. Our Krav Kids classes are designed to bring children together through training and help them improve their social skills as well as learning basic self defence techniques for situations they may face at school or on the playground. View our class time table and book your free trial now.

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