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About Krav Maga Combat Academy

Proven combat expertise

Our chief instructor possesses a deep well of knowledge of Krav Maga and self defence, enriched by a unique perspective on real-world confrontations and threats. His wealth of experience extends beyond the conventional training environment, allowing him to provide invaluable insights into various scenarios. This first-hand exposure to different situations has shaped  his teaching style and methodology, ensuring that our training is as realistic and effective as can be and adaptable to whatever you may face. 

The Chief

Chief Instructor Matt 

In his twenties, Matt worked the door at pubs and clubs in the home counties and London, where he gained experience of de-escalating confrontations and dealing with violent situations. Matt has seen it all and has that real-life combat experience. 

Unlike the conventional “bouncer” image, his preference has always been to calm down an ugly situation and for confrontations to end with no conflict or injuries to anyone. He went on to work in other areas of security including close protection.

Recognising that there are situations where physical confrontation cannot be avoided, and that his skills in this area could be improved, Matt started studying Krav Maga in  2011.

In 2014  Matt started his journey to become a civilian Krav Maga instructor and undertook 80 days of instructor training with ex members of the special forces, including 23 days with the former Captain responsible for Krav Maga training in the Israel Defence Force and Head instructor of the Lotar counter terror school.  

Matt went on to study the Yamam “special ops” version of Krav Maga qualifying under the world renowned Itay Gil. He is now a level 6 Krav Maga Instructor and may be the only instructor qualified under 3 separate international Krav Maga organisations, as he is an IKF close quarter battle instructor and also holds instructor certification with Protect Israeli Security Systems under Itay Gil, and with Combat Krav Maga International, headed by Lior Offenbach.  

​Matt holds Level 3 BTEC qualifications in Self Defence Instruction and Conflict Management and has completed training in Close Protection, Situational Awareness and Physical Intervention under SAS legends Ginge Johnson and Lofty Wiseman.  He also headed up a project, teaching military and special forces, which included what we believe to be the world's largest Krav Maga class in South Africa, consisting of 600 soldiers and police officers.


The Kravoholic

Senior Instructor Laura

Laura is a true Krav Maga enthusiast, embarking on her Krav Maga journey back in 2016. She dedicatedly trained four nights a week, often squeezing in extra sessions whenever possible. Her passion for Krav Maga quickly led her to assist with kids' lessons, soaking up every ounce of Krav Maga knowledge available. She moved on to become the Cadets Head Instructor and now Senior Instructor of the club. 

Aside from her Krav Maga devotion, Laura is deeply committed to physical fitness and also runs her own data protection consultancy. She seizes every chance to enhance her expertise as both a practitioner and instructor of Krav Maga, joining several Krav Maga seminars a year, wherever they take place. Laura's enthusiasm, approachability, and a unique blend of empathy and no-nonsense guidance bring out the best in her students.

In addition to regular club training and participation in Krav Maga seminars, Laura embarked on several Maga courses in Israel and Europe. She trained under world class and renowned instructors like Avivit Cohen, Lea Dray, and Grand Master Uri Refaeli.

To add to her collection, Laura also qualified as an advanced instructor in Israel under Ron Engelman, affording her the invaluable opportunity to train alongside renowned Krav Maga practitioners such as Ron Rotem and one of the last remaining students of Imi Lichtenfeld, (founder of Krav Maga),  Raphy Elgrissy.

Now, she proudly holds the title of a Level 3 Instructor at Krav Maga Combat Academy.

Laura also holds a level 3 BTEC qualification in self-defence instruction, level 3 first aid certification, and has an enhanced DBS check, which all our instructors do.


On top of her numerous roles, she serves as our safeguarding officer at the club. For any club-related inquiries or safeguarding matters, feel free to reach out to her at 07943 879 142. Laura is a testament to dedication and expertise in Krav Maga, ensuring a safe and engaging experience for all at the club.

El Capitano

Club Captain Merv

Our Club Captain, at the remarkable age of 70, stands as a living testament to the spirit of a Krav Maga practitioner. His journey is nothing short of inspiring, motivating all who know him. Beyond his impressive Krav Maga skills, he fulfils a crucial role in our community – the guardian of well-being. With great dedication, he endeavours to keep an eye over the physical and emotional health of all our students and instructors.

He's the friendly, warm face and voice that's there to pick you up when you're down. No task is ever too great for him, and his genuine concern for the welfare of others shines brightly.

His life story reads like an adventure novel – 16 years in the RAF, being selected to represent the RAF Rugby team from Colts level, all the way up, through to being  'capped' against the Army and playing against the German National Team. Additionally, he is an accomplished aircraft engineer, participating in mountaineering activities, with generally a sporting outlook.

His history reflects his passion for pushing boundaries and lending a helping hand to those in need. We're proud to have him as our Club Captain and a cherished member of our Krav Maga family. Would you believe he continues to push himself beyond his limits, attending three sessions a week?! 

IMG-20231111-WA0000 (1).jpg

Cadet Commander

John - Cadets Instructor

John dove into the world of Krav Maga at the club in 2019, and ever since, he's been gripped by its appeal. His journey began during challenging times, navigating through online classes, bubble sessions, outdoor training, and the on-again, off-again rhythm dictated by ever-shifting COVID restrictions. Yet, his unwavering commitment throughout these strange times speaks volumes about his passion for self defence and Krav Maga.

Being the man of the house of a bustling family of five children, John's natural rapport with kids became evident. He swiftly found himself assisting Laura in shaping the next generation of warriors, the Krav Cadets. For a solid two years, he poured countless hours into both adult training sessions and aiding with the youngsters before earning his stripes as a qualified Cadets instructor.

Now, while he continues to lead the charge in the majority of Cadets classes, John isn't one to rest. He's also enrolled in the adult instructor development programme, showing that his hunger for improvement and dedication to Krav Maga know no bounds.

When he's not guiding students at the club, you can bet John is honing his skills at home, often joined by his family—his wife and kids, all of whom are Krav Maga warriors in their own right.

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