"We will teach anyone and everyone who wants to learn."

Matt, founder of Krav Maga Combat Academy

Paula, Student 

Wayne, Student 

"Best decision ever, to join the club! Not just to learn to defend yourself in a very natural way but also you get fit and have fun! 
Matt is a really good instructor, helpful and skillfull, the ambience in the club is relaxed and friendly in every single way, and the more advanced students always help the rest!
There are people of every age and everyone enjoys! 
I recommend it very much!!!"

"After training for many years in Thai boxing,boxing and MMA I was always intrigued about Krav Maga .I decided along with my girlfriend to give it a go. 
As someone who isn’t new to martial arts I could see Matt has a very good approach to all levels and has a good attention to the finer details of this art which makes all the difference to the technique.
Knife and bat/bottle defence is taught and how to disarm 
Strike attacks ,chocking defence,headlocks and so on. 
Highly recommend and accommodates all levels of fitness experience and age groups."

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